Day 1: Anchorage, Alaska

Wow. We are in Alaska! What a day! We’ve been up for 23 hours.

We woke up at 3:30am EST. Limo to the airport! Surprise!? The flights were good. It was T’s first time on an airplane!! Very exciting new experience for him! Our plane to Alaska supposedly had a flat tire that was detected during take off. When we landed in Anchorage they had to have Emergency Personnel on the landing strip. The Pilot landed the plane very smoothly and we then had to wait on the runway for a bit for the tire to be inspected. All was fine in the end, but a little stressing!

My brother and SIL met us at the Anchorage airport and we went to the Captain Cook Hotel.

We went to early dinner at the Glacier Brewhouse and drank some amazing craft beers. Between the 6 of us beer drinkers (Barbara got wine), we had a Blonde Ale, Amber Ale, IPA, Oatmeal Stout, Strawberry Cream Ale, Bavarian Hefeweisen and I had a Raspberry Wheat. 


The food was amazing! Tim and I shared the Brewhouse Blue (a salad with grapes, walnuts and blue cheese crumbles) and a Reindeer Sausage & Blue Cheese Brick Oven Pizza. 


Apparently Reindeer sausage has very little fat and almost straight protein.

The brewhouse had an amazing Tuesday Growler special. It was $5 to buy a growler (64 oz beer container…that makes a great souvenir if you can fit it in your luggage) and only $5 to fill it! Amazing! So we got a growler of the IPA and headed back to the hotel.

We walked around Anchorage and went to the inlet. Its crazy how bright it is at 8:30 pm here, sun still decently high in the sky.


Captain Cook Hotel had a great fitness area. It was seperated into Mens and Womens, so unfortunately, I couldn’t workout with T if I wanted to use weight or carsio machines. But there was a seperate studio aerobics room and a joint pool/hot tub. So we spent an hour or two in the pool, taking lots of videos on the GoPro!

We tried to stay up as late as we could so we didn’t wake up ridiculously early in the morning.  We made it until about 10:30pm and passed out cold. I was still up at 4 am but was able to force myself to get a little more sleep until 6 am.

J (my SIL) T & I went down to the studio aerobics space to do a 12 min HIIT  this morning at 7 am. It blasted our cores! We didn’t want to focus too much on legs because we are doing an 8 mile hike this afternoon.

We had a nice big breakfast at the Sandwich Deck. It was delicious! It was a small town-y place, but they were grwat at accommodating our group of 7.

I’m currently writing this entry on a Coach on our way to McKinely. I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to post this. Maybe upon arrival deoending on the WiFi situation.

The mountains here are beautiful!  Can’t wait to upload the photos from my Nikon and videos from my GoPro.

Xo R