We’re Adopting Kittens!

Some exciting news in our little household! Timmy and I are adopting two kittens! 

Its been 2 months since our little bunny has passed away and Tim and I hate coming home to an empty house. It tears at your heart strings when you walk in, start to say hi, and realize you’re other flatmate isn’t there anymore. We are yearning to take care of some cuddly creatures.

Our good friends have been fostering the two kitties since they were tiny babies.  They are currently 5 months old and seeking their forever home.  They are absolutely adorable.  Both are full of energy and are very cuddly, always following you around, wanting to be near you, etc.  They melted our hearts!  

Woodrow and Abigail Woodrow and Abigail

The kittens are brother and sister.  Our rabbits name was Eleanor Roosevelt, and we decided to stick with Presidents and First Ladies.  So this adorable duo will be named Woodrow Wilson (left) and Abigail Adams (right). 

We pick up the babies this saturday!! I’m sure there will be plenty more posts in the near future as we chronicle our lives together.

xo R