Day 6: Scenic Cruising & Hubbard Glacier

Day 6 started off ROUGH. Woke up with a bit of a hangover and the swaying of the boat left me with this feeling of someone swinging my ankles side to side as I laid in bed. We went to breakfast, tried not to vomit and came back to the room for a couple minutes to change and head to the gym.

This was our roughest day at sea. I attempted to run on the treadmill but couldn’t!  I kept getting thrown about, so I had to settle for speed walking while holding onto the sides lol  After that lousy warmup we hit some weights.

Princess had a “passport” to get yourself familiarized with the ship and get stamps at different locations to hand in to fin a bunch of stuff at a raffle. So after the workout, I got the rest of my stamps and headed to the theatre where they were supposed to do the raffle.  Except they pull 1 name for ever 15 excruciating minutes of presentation about shopping. We were in the very front of the ship in very rough waters.  I was committed to winning something, but I may have vomited all over everyone in front of us. So much to Tim’s happiness, I called it quits and we met the rest of the family at the back of the boat for Bingo.

We had some buffet lunch and proceeded to the Piazza where they had horse racing! It was a fun, cheesy game, played with three dice that are rolled.  There are 6 horses (attached to wood pedestals) and whatever numbers are rolled on the die, the corresponding horse moves across the board. For example, the dice rolled are 3, 4 & 6. So Horses 3, 4, & 6 would each move one. The next roll is two 1’s and a 2, so horse 1 would move two spaces, and horse 2 would move one space. They used volunteers to move the horses, so naturally, I was up there. My horses name was Hoof Art, which sounds like Who Fart, and kept everyone laughing a good long while. You can bet money on horses before the start of each race.

After the horse racing we had mimosas and made our way over to Explorer’s Lounge for some Afternoon Trivia, which we placed third in. Then it was time to get ready for our first Formal Dinner of the cruise.

During this time we were also sailing through very icy waters up to Hubbard Glacier.  It was hard to get ready because there was a MASSIVE glacier out our window that kept distracting us :)

Hubbard glacier alaska DSCN2509
From the NPS:

It is 76 miles long, 7 miles wide, and 600 feet tall at its terminal face (350 feet exposed above the waterline and 250 feet below the waterline).   The glacier is currently advancing (last 100 years), while most Alaskan glaciers are retreating (95%).  This is not in contradiction with global temperature increases. The Hubbard Glacier will advance during times of warmer climate and retreat during time of colder climates. The current rate of advancement is approximately 80 feet per year.

While observing the glacier, we saw a massive calving (The breaking off of a chunk of ice).  This glacier routinely calves chunks of ice the size of three story buildings, and I am more than certain, that is what we saw. The wave it created must have been massive, but because of our distance, we didn’t even feel it when it finally approached.

After fancy dinner, we went to karaoke, where my SIL made it through to the Pop Princess Finals! Woohoooo!!  lol  We all had a great time there. Then we kept with habit, and drank everything we could, gambled and finished off with the most amazing Cuban Sandwiches from International Cafe!

Stay Tuned for Day 7!

xo Renee