Amanda Bynes, Robin Williams, and the Spectacle of Mental Illness

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Let's Queer Things Up!

Internet, we need to have a talk.

I’ve had a number of readers ask why I’ve neglected to write about Amanda Bynes this last year. It’s simple, really. I don’t believe that celebrities are “fair game,” and that, when they have very human and very difficult struggles, I should capitalize on those things by writing an article, however well-intentioned. I believe they are deserving of privacy and respect, by virtue of their being people.

However, I’m making an exception here, because in the midst of the negative and callous press that Bynes has received, I think it’s time we had a chat about it from a different perspective. And then, after we’re done, I think it’s time we stop speculating about it altogether. Deal?

First and foremost, there is no way for us to know what, if anything, Bynes has been diagnosed with. The family has denied schizophrenia and bipolar…

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I leave for Alaska on Tuesday and have so much stuff to get done. This is also one of my rare weeks that I’m working 40 hours. (YAY MONEY!) Needless to say, it has been crazy .

I’m drawing power from my very wise sister-in-law’s advice about how IT’S OKAY TO SAY, “NO!”.

We need to create priorities and we dont always have time for everything. Sometimes I just need to cancel. Not because I have something else to do, but because its been a freaking busy week and I need a moment to myself to breathe and not punch everyone I see in their ovaries (or testicles).

I’m such a people pleaser. And I ALWAYS try and make time for everyone and go everywhere with everyone. But we have to remember that WE are our own number ones!

Its okay to be selfish when it comes to you’re own happiness. “Do what you want, when you want to”….as my best friend, A, said (not so eloquently during Cinco De Mayo freshman year in college).

Cheers to “Me Time”.

xo R

Work it Wednesday! HIIT Benefits & Workout

High Intensity Interval Training HIIT workout fitness exerciseConfession: I’m not a fan of working out.  I do it so I can drink good beer and eat more cheese than a person should. Living a healthy lifestyle is a give-take relationship. It requires flexibility. It requires balance. KICK ASS for 12 minutes a day and enjoy more of your day to a fuller extent!

I lost 25 pounds at home doing HIITs and eating right. So today, I’m going to share with you on why I chose High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and why it may be a good fit for you as well.


An hour long workout?  Running endlessly on a treadmill? Going to the gym? These are a list of things that I don’t want to do.  High Intensity Interval Workouts only take 12 minutes.  That was the biggest selling point to me.  Working out at all is not going to be fun for me, but I’d rather suffer for only 12 minutes than 60!  HOWEVER, you will be busting your ass harder than you ever have running on a treadmill.  If we are only going for 12 minutes, WE ARE GOING FOR 12 MINUTES!


Your body will continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours after you are done working out. Wait…..WHAT? Yes please.


Ever zone out running on a treadmill?  Yeah, me neither! However, when I’m on a treadmill, I try and not look at the time, I cover it with a towel or magazine just hoping it will make time move faster (it never does). 

With HIIT, you are working your ass off for 30-50 seconds and then changing to the next thing. It’s constantly challenging your body and you never have time to get bored.


Alright ladies: You will not get bulky. So just stop, right now.  Lifting heavy will only help you shed fat faster.  If you’re not taking daily doses of synthetic testosterone, you are in the clear.  MUSCLE DICTATES METABOLISM.  The more lean muscle you have on your body, the more fat you are burning, even at rest.  Incorporate some weights into your HIIT workouts for even faster results!


HIIT incorporates bodyweight exercises (lunges, squats, burpees, tuck jumps, push-ups) so you can literally do them anywhere. Apartment? Check. Hotel Room (while your family watches in jealousy)? Check. Park? Check. 

HIITs are great for vacation and business trips.  You want to stay active and get a workout in, but you have a busy schedule? Easy. HIITS are roughly 12 minutes. No more sneaking down to the hotel fitness center to run on their 1980’s treadmill! 

So, to RECAP!

You will burn more calories, in less time, doing an exciting workout anywhere you want to? Now your next question maybe, What does a HIIT workout look like? 

I’ve created one for you to try!

Work it Wednesday HIIT Workout Fitness

Using your smartphone, you can download in Interval Timer app, or you can find one online and just pull it up on your computer for your at-home workout.

If you have weights at home or take this workout to the gym and can include a medicine ball/free weights to make this a little more difficult, do it!  It’s even more efficient!

You work as hard as you can for the full 50 seconds!  Make alterations where you have to, drop the weight, but DO NOT STOP. Lower the intensity before you just give up and take a break. The most important part is to keep going until you hear the buzzer.  

Let me know how you did and what you thought of the first ever Work-It Wednesday!  Did you learn anything? Did you sweat? 

Balance in Our Relationship

T (my boyfriend, we’ve been dating/living together for about 3 years) saw yesterday’s post and did an amazing thing for me today.

Briefly, the post was about my productivity being abysmally low when I have a completely open day with nothing on the calendar and how I need to start scheduling things in, even if it’s just working out, or setting time aside to write in the blog.  Because when I have something on a schedule already, I add more things and get more things done. 

ANYWAYS–> He left a note for me this morning with things to do today! Aptly titled, “RENEE’S BIG OLE LIST OF STUFF TO DO!”.  It included mostly housework, but also, coming up with ideas to rearrange some of the furniture in various rooms in our apartment, working out and being sexy (lol). 

Productive, Productivity, To-do list, list

Now I know what you’re thinking, “He left you a list of chores. What a dick.”  What you DON”T KNOW is that he does more day-to-day cleaning/tidying than I do and he works 40+ hours a week.  That’s right, I’m the dick. And I think this is one of the sweetest things ever!  This is just one tiny way that we have great balance in this relationship.  He KNOWS I need a to-do list, he KNOWS I need things on my schedule.  So without even asking, he gives me a list of things to do so that I am more productive on yet another empty day.  

It’s a win-win-win scenario. He gets to come home to a clean house, it gets the ball rolling on what will become a super productive day, I don’t feel like a lazy person AND he gets super brownie points for reading yesterday’s post and making it all happen.

He gets me. And that’s just an inkling of why I love this man, oh-so-gosh-darn much.