Work It Wednesday: Staying Fit on Vacation, HIIT in a Hotel Room

One of the greatest things about High Intensity Interval Training (Read the benefits HERE!) is that you can do it anywhere and it requires little to no equipment.  While I was in Alaska, I was pretty active with daily activities (hiking, biking, rock climbing to name a few). But I was also not eating the best since I didn’t want to limit myself on vacation and really experience Alaska to the fullest! Plus, there was way more alcohol in my diet. Wine with dinner, beers in the hot tub, touring breweries, sampling Alaskan Beers, Mimosas with breakfast….you get the point.

During the Land part of our trip (The 5 days seeing Anchorage, Mt McKinley Lodge & Denali Wilderness Lodge, we completed a HIIT workout everyday. 

12 minutes of commitment and you can go about your day with more energy and less guilt about the extra vacation calories. 

Get an interval timer app on your phone, there are plenty out there, I use this one.  Set the timer for 10 seconds rest, 30 seconds work for 18 rounds. There are 6 exercises and we will go through it 3 times.

Work It Wednesday HIIT Workout

High Knees are pretty self-explanatory. Run in place and try and get your knees above your bellybutton

Oblique In & Out starts in a side plank with your bottom arm extended and your top hand behind your head. With your bottom foot on the ground, raise your top foot about a foot and a half from the ground. This is your start position. Bend your top leg at the knee, keeping your knee facing up, and bring your elbow and knee together. Then return to the start poisition. After 30 seconds, repeat on the other side.

10 Mountain Climbers & 2 pushups. Start in a plank position, do 10 mountain climbers, keeping your back in a straight line & butt low. Then do 2 pushups! Go to your knees if you have to.

Switch Lunges are a great cardio exercise. Start in a lunge with both knees bent 90 degrees. Jump up and switch your legs so the opposide leg is in front. Do what you want with your hands. I usually keep them on my hips, or make it harder by holding a medicine ball. 

Dive Bombers are an absolute shoulder killer. Start in a downward dog position and pretend there is a steel bar just above your head and you need dip underneath and end up in cobra.  The movement should be arms bent, nose to the ground, chest to the ground, belly button to the ground and push up to extend your arms as much as possible.  The most advance version is to do the same snake movement in reverse to get back into downward facing dog, but HOLY HELL is that difficult.  I just push straight back in to downward dog from cobra and only do the snake move forward.



In Position C, don’t let your legs touch the ground

This is a great full body workout with a good amount of cardio involved.  The most important thing is, do not stop moving. If it is difficult, alter your moves, make it easier, but do not stop.

Let me know how you like today’s workout and how you did!

xo R


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