Wait, Post-Vacation Blues are actually a thing?

I literally googled, “that sad feeling after you get home from vacation” lol.  Along with my travel companion, many other people experience this sensation.  You mean other people also feel this emptiness after an amazing life experience has concluded? Who woulda thunk it?

12 days felt like 12 weeks, in the best way possible. It feels like we woke up from a dream.   Where was I? What was I doing before we left? Why was I doing it?  I’m finding it difficult to just pick back up in this semi-monotonous (beautiful) life we have. Not that it’s at all boring, but compared the the adventurous we’ve had in Alaska, its not the same.

I look out my windows and see the wrong things. I yearn to see the Alaskan Landscapes. The Valley needs more mountains. T woke up in the middle of the night confused where he was.  I wanted to pay for my groceries with my cruise card!

Mt McKinely and Bear Denali National Park

I’ve started going through the 75 GBs of footage we’ve collected over the 12 days. It makes me homesick, well, vacation-sick I guess….but it feels like homesickness.  We jammed everything we could into a 24 hour period, everyday. And it hardly ever felt rushed.  We were all so committed to doing everything we possibly could while being in a miraculously beautiful state.

Alaskan Sunset

Like I did for our last family vacation in Utah, I will be compiling a video of all the highlights of the trip.  The whole trip was a damn highlight, so it will be hard to get it down to under an hour, but I’ll see what I can do.

I plan on recapping each day we spent in Alaska, as I did find the time to journal most days.  I want to document it for my future-self, and to share with others, maybe you’re planning your own trip to our biggest state?  If you’re not, you should start!

SIDE NOTE:  I ate more Reindeer over the course of that first week than I care to admit. EVERYTHING IS REINDEER.  Its delicious.

xo R


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