Postagram & Remembering Ellie

What a great, inexpensive way to let someone know you are thinking about them! Thank you Justine for the Postagram of Ellie <3

A week ago, our beloved bunny rabbit, Eleanor Roosevelt (Ellie), passed away.  It was unexpected and tragic.  I take comfort in the fact that she died in our arms, and we got to be there with her.  She was our baby that we cared about immensely and spoiled more often than not.

She had a personality that I have never seen in a rabbit before. She was adventurous, beyond curious and territorial.  She would charge and grunt at you for seemingly no reason and was the most terrifying 4 pounds of fluff I’ve ever seen.

Although she put up an aggressive front, she didn’t follow through with it.  She didn’t bite us or anything like that, but would smack anything that got in her way with her two front paws.

She was like an independent cat.  Litter trained & free-roaming, she did not enjoy being touched, but would follow you around from room to room and lay outside the door to keep an eye on you.  Everyday at dinner time (8:30pm, on the dot!) she would nudge your toes to remind you.

Her favorite treat was bananas. After every workout, we would have a protein shake in a Blender Ball Shaker and a banana.  Unknowingly, we created a Pavlov’s Dogs effect.  Every time she heard the shaker she would spring out from hiding and run circles around your feet, and then she’d get a little bite of banana.  It actually got to the point that she was excited every time we worked out because she knew what was coming!

I didn’t intend for this to be a post about Ellie, but she was quite unique, and I enjoy telling her story. After her passing, cards and bouquets of flowers and kind words came flooding in.  We were in awe of the support people gave.  It’s not the response I was expecting for our loss.

People I hardly talk to or haven’t talked to since high school were saying the kindest things and how they would miss seeing all the Facebook/Instagram updates of her spunky attitude I would post.

My sister-in-law, Justine (read her blog – Allowing Myself), sent me my first ever postagram.  Its an app for your phone (available on iPhone and Android) that creates a postcard from any photo on your phone, Instagram or Facebook, and mails it to a recipient of your choice for only 99 cents!

When you receive the postcard, the photo has perforated edges so you can pop it out and hang it somewhere! The message you see on the left is also printed directly behind the photo so you can keep the two together :)

Postagram, postcard, Ellie, Bunny, RabbitThank you Justine & Henry, SO MUCH! This is a great memento. I look forward to using postagram myself.

Next week, I will post a DIY project of a cardboard letter, decoupaged with pictures.  We will be placing it where her cage was in our apartment. A token of remembrance.

We love and miss you everyday Ellie!



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